Saturday, 1 February 2014

Never ask a doctor about a pain free labour.

Have just been reading Your Pregnancy Week by Week written by a professor of obstetrics and gynaecology. OMG. There is no mention of adrenalin, secreted when we are anxious or stressed, holding the cervix rigid and harder to open. This is the main cause of painful and long labours.
The word 'pain' is generously used during descriptions of all the stages of labour. The reason given that smooth muscle should cause pain in this way is that the blood supply is cut off whilst smooth muscle is contracting and so leads to "the release of painful chemical substances". I think they mean lactic acid which, if you read my post 'Why Labour Hurts - 2', you will find that the release of lactic acid is avoidable if mum is calm and not secreting adrenalin. The Author must have a constant epi-dural on the go for every time a meal is eaten and the smooth muscle in their stomach starts to contract! I bet xmas was fun.
The author does however say that caregivers should "encourage you to keep upright and active for as long as possible rather than confining you to a bed, in order to allow gravity to play its part in helping you to reach the active phase" (of labour). Well done doc, staying upright in labour, on a comfy chair or birth ball, will use the force of gravity to help keep the contractions pain free.
Your Pregnancy Week by Week is a beautiful book untill you get to labour, then the fun stops and you are convinced that you will be in PAIN, propaganda at its worse. On hypnobirthing I found the comment "you will need to be hypnotized into believing that you can control the pain of your contractions". Really?
Never ask a doctor about a pain free labour cos they do not have a clue. All that time spent at doctor school sudying human tissue and how it works has not taught them that uterine smooth muscle was never designed to cause the sensation of pain during normal use. It is the things done to us by doctors that mainly cause all the pain that they are so fond of.
When you have successfully experienced your pain free labour by relaxing and staying upright please write to your local hospital and ask them to inform the doctors that 'yes' it is possible for smooth muscle tissue to work without the release of "painful chemical substances".
All it takes is to believe, the truth.

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Inner Power Hypnobirthing and Hypnotherapy

Inner Power Hypnobirthing and Hypnotherapy!

Was amazed to meet someone online who actually knows the workings of uterine smooth muscle. She is
Paola Bagnall
and has a facebook page as above. She teaches women how to relax in labour through hypnobirthing and hypnotherapy. Check it out.

It is nice not to be the only voice out there who knows that labour contractions were never designed to cause the sensation of pain during a normal labour. If you live in West Wickham you should check out Paola's services for a pain free labour. Once you know the truth, you have the chance to choose.
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Monday, 23 December 2013

Feedback for Pain Free Labour books.

This review is from: Pain Free Labour (Kindle Edition)
I am a hypnobirth teacher and I bought this just to see what it was about. I would recommend this book to the parents I teach it is well written and humorous in the right places. Birth is explained in clear way that isn't too technical and would help put mums at ease.
This review is from: Pain Free Labour (Kindle Edition)
My first birth was quite traumatic and didn't go to plan, this really helped me prepare for 2nd and I ended up wth a fast and pretty painless birth, honestly didn't believe was possible. Easy to read and follow with a bit of humour. Highly recommend!

This review is from: Pain Free Labour (Kindle Edition)
As I'm still pregnant I haven't tried this yet but I do know how strong the mind is and how much it can help to stay relaxed. I will absolutely give this a go when it's time for me to have my second child in a few weeks :)
This review is from: Pain Free Labour (Kindle Edition)
This book explains in plain language why labour contractions were never designed to cause pain during a normal labour. The author sets out a very plausible reason for why contractions can become painful and how to avoid this happening. Funny in places, the bit about teenagers in labour made me LOL. The history of labour was very interesting in that it explained how women were manipulated by medical men into believing that labour contractions should cause pain. Best of all is the advice on how to avoid a painful labour, birthing pool here I come!

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Saturday, 7 December 2013

Progresive Muscle Relaxation

The secret to pain free labour is to use relaxation techniques practiced in pregnancy as soon as labour starts in order to avoid the complications brought on by adrenalin production.
The best relaxation technique I have used is to sit in a comfortable chair with pillows or supports as necessary to give good support to your back. You then close your eyes and focus on your feet. You imagine all the tension flowing out of them and you say to yourself (in your mind, not out loud or people will think you are nuts) feet relax.
You work up the body in this fashion paying particular attention to your shoulders and neck as this is where we store a lot of our stress and tension.
This technique once practiced can be done quite quickly when in labour so you are ready for the next contraction. A relaxed person does not secrete adrenalin so the cervix is free to dilate. The contractions therefore do not have to increase above normal as you are making their work easier.
Take control and have confidence. We are women, we are built to give birth and we can be very good at it.
Let me know if you have a pain free labour as a result of this technique and help spread the word.

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Saturday, 23 November 2013

The lady who had a pain free labour, and then gave it away.

Whenever you tell someone that you are a midwife you get the inevitable birth stories. I love them. A young lady I met whilst out and about asked me what I did for a living and then told me her birth story.

Mum told me that she had been in the pool at her local hospital where she felt so nice and calm and relaxed that the contractions stopped causing her any pain. They were still there but were pain free.

She became upset at this as she thought that if they were not causing her any pain then they were not normal contractions and her labour had stopped.

So she got out of the pool and started walking about, becoming more and more stressed. At last the contractions began to hurt again and she was finally happy that she was once again in labour. She did not however get back in the pool as she did not want the contractions to stop hurting again.


OK, I feel better now.

If you are nice and comfy and relaxed and not secreting any adrenalin in the pool and your contractions stop causing pain then please stay there and enjoy the rest of your labour. As long as you can still feel your tummy going hard every 2-3 minutes then you are still in labour. Honest.

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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Hazards to a Pain Free Labour - 6

By far the biggest hazard to a pain free labour is YOU. Society has taught you that labour will be painful, that the contractions will cause pain during the first stage of labour. This view of childbirth has been around for the past three hundred years. Why would the weight of all that knowledge and history be wrong?
If you want to solve a murder then you look for who will benefit from a persons death. If you want to solve the mystery of why we are taught that labour will be painful then look at who has benefited from our pain.

The international best-seller Dean Koontz captured the essence of why we accept painful labours so easily when he wrote:

  •        “Fear is the engine that drives the human animal. Humanity sees the world as a place of uncountable threats, and so the world becomes what humanity imagines it to be.”

In our dark dank past women were exploited. They were not even allowed an education so that they could say “Hey, stop exploiting me you patriarchal society you”. We have had to fight tooth and nail for our relative freedom. The only battle that has yet to be won in the civilised world is childbirth.

Fear of childbirth has been instilled in us for hundreds of years. Doctors have made money out of us by keeping us in fear so that their services are needed to provide a medical model of care to help us birth. Early midwives were burned as witches so that women would turn to the medics in their time of need.

Modern health care follows blindly the belief in painful labours as the norm. There has been no research that I know of to support this belief. Within the UK we pride ourselves on offering evidence based practice and yet there is no evidence that uterine smooth muscle is designed to cause the sensation of pain when contracting normally. Yet we continue to believe. “The world becomes what humanity imagines it to be.”

Perhaps women want painful labours. Perhaps fear is the engine that drives the human animal. Perhaps we only feel comfortable when something we believe in comes true. Any other outcome would be too hard to accept, too big a paradigm shift for us to relate to.

Well tough. Get with the plan. Pain Free Labour has begun to seep into our belief system concerning childbirth. Midwifery led birthing centers are springing up all over the UK. Women are having pain free labours during the first stage when taught how to approach labour. Relaxation techniques are being learnt in parentcraft sessions to keep women from entering the stress/pain cycle often seen in labour.

We are being allowed to learn the truth about labour now in the UK only because the strain on the NHS from medicalised care has become too much. A calm pain free labouring woman in a pool is cheap compared to a theatre full of expensive equipment and staff. The caesarian section rate has reached an all time high. We have lost faith in our innate ability to labour naturally.

If I had not experienced this phenomena of pain free labour personally then I may well have been one of the supporters of offering elective caesarian sections for maternal choice. As a midwife I have helped countless women to have a pain free labour. As an author, I have explained in detail why adrenalin, secreted when we are anxious, can cause contractions to become painful.

So, who will join me in supporting the massive shift that we need in our belief system that will enable women to labour as nature intended; with medical support on stand by if needed? Who will be brave enough to swim against the tide and face the wrath of humanity when one of their “uncountable threats” is removed leaving them uncertain and afraid? Who will take a leap of faith in order to free women from the last of societies manacles holding us down? Who, maybe you?

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Friday, 18 October 2013

Hazards to a Pain Free Labour - 5

There are some people who are incapable of relaxing. Coffee drinkers are adrenalin junkies, they find it difficult to sit still for five minutes let alone relax and become tension free for a whole labour. Caffeine is a psychoactive stimulant which acts on the central nervous system by promoting the release of catecholamines such as adrenalin.

Caffeine can also cause dehydration which is not a good idea in pregnancy as the blood needs to remain quite dilute in order to get in and out of the placenta easily. Your baby gets all his nourishment and oxygen from you, if your blood is too thick by you being dehydrated then your baby will suffer. Research has also shown that caffeine intake during early pregnancy can contribute to miscarriages.

Caffeine is not only found in coffee. It is also in black tea, green tea, cola and some energy drinks. If you stop your caffeine intake suddenly you may experience withdrawal symptoms, which include headache and nausea. There is a reduction in serotonin levels when caffeine input is stopped which can cause anxiety, irritability, inability to concentrate and lethargy. It would therefore be a good idea to cut down slowly on caffeine intake before becoming pregnant.

It is not only the fact that caffeine makes it difficult for people to relax and so relaxation techniques become ineffective. It is the fact that caffeine causes the body to release adrenalin. As you have seen previously, adrenalin causes all kinds of problems in labour and is to be avoided at all cost. If you are unable to kick the caffeine habit before pregnancy then try stopping caffeine intake well before labour begins. This will leave you in a calmer state of mind, ready to respond to your chosen relaxation technique in labour.

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